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  • Tail-Waggin Mobile Pro Spa

    Need a dog groomer that will treat your furry baby with the love and care they deserve? Then call us! Leave your grooming needs to Sergio and Lori, your professional, friendly neighborhood groomers with over 9 years of grooming experience.

  • Our Services

    Grooming & Deshedding
    Flea & Tick Treatments
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Lori and Sergio have been nothing but professional throughout the 3+ years they’ve been grooming Lex. I don’t trust anyone else with my baby, and he had been to over 5 different groomers before I finally found them! 🙂

    Author's imageRachel Y.Customer of over 3 years
  • All Breeds & Sizes

    Big & small, furry or not, we’ve got you covered.

Why You Should Choose Tail-Waggin

    • Top of the Line Servicing

      We work with top of the line products, including FURminator and specialty shampoos tailored to your pup’s needs. We will come to you in our professional and clean, customized grooming trailer. No need to provide us with a hose — we are completely self-sufficient with AC, water, etc. Your pet will be comfortable, safe, and more importantly, close to home!

    • We ♥ Animals

      We have a huge passion for animals! That’s why we believe that they should be able to stay close to home when getting groomed. No more wasted hours caught up in scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups. Stay in the comfort of your own home and have no worries — we will come to you!

    • No Ear Plucking!

      Did you know? Most groomers tweeze the hair inside your dog’s ears, which can get clogged and infected – not to mention the pain it causes! Ouch! We use a gentle solution that slowly dissolves the hair — keeping their ears clean, safe, and pain-free!

    • Friendly & Caring

      We don’t just have a passion for animals, but for making their parents happy too! Our relationship with you is just as important to us the happiness of your pet — most of our clients have become our friends over the years! We truly value your trust and satisfaction.

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