Miami Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Our Grooming Services At a Glance

    • Full Grooming

      All services from ear cleaning, nail clipping, anal glands, shaving of privates and pads, your choice of hair cut and your choice of shampoo (deshedding, medicated, flea & ticket, oatmeal, aloe, whitening, calming/chamomile shampoo).

    • Maintenance Grooming

      Splash & dash is a discounted frequent service can be every week, or every other week, max every 3 weeks. Every 4 weeks would be regular service. Bath, brush, nails, anal glands (upon needing). Splash and dash specials are available after first service, but must be consistent.

    • Regular Service / Bath & Hygiene

      Includes everything the full grooming service does except for the hair cut. Exceptions for long fur, where the paws, privates, and facial area are given a minor trim. This is not a fully styled hair cut.

    • De-Knotting & De-Matting Service

      If it’s possible and the dog can tolerate it (at your own risk – since we use de-knotting and de-matting blades and tools). We will not de-knot or de-matt a pet whose knots are in very poor condition. Keep in mind, severe conditions can cause lacerations, minor scrape, cut or razor burn. Sometimes a shave is required.