Price Estimates

Please note that the following are estimates. There are a variety of factors that are considered in pricing, such as the dog’s condition, size, etc.

Service Small Breeds Medium Breeds Large Breeds
Full Grooming $45 – $50 $55 – $65 $65+
Maintenance Grooming Varies Varies Varies
Regular Service / Bath & Hygiene $35 – $50 $35 – $50 $35 – $50
De-Knotting service Varies Varies Varies

Common Questions

  • Why does it cost the same to groom my tiny 4 lb pet?

    We try to provide fair prices to our customers. Very small dogs often take more time to groom than medium-sized dogs, due to their petite frames and the intricate details required in their cuts. As such, the cost will stay the same.

  • Do you offer discounts for frequent grooming?

    Yes! We created a special type of grooming called the Splash & Dash for our regular customers. In order to qualify for the splash and dash discount, you need at least one first full service, and it must be a consistent.

  • If you ask to reschedule and I’m a Splash & Dash customer, will I be charged the Full Service fee?

    Not at all! Sometimes we have transportation issues, traffic delays, etc. We will not penalize our clients for our own mistakes.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes. We accept cash, cards, and checks as forms of payment.